Safari Rally 2019

[18:54, 9/1/2019] Dean Mac Sports Mtn: Safari Rally 2019:The stakes got higher as the WRC status in seen in rear view mirror. This year Kenya’s safari rally the fourth round of the African rally championship got its status boosted as it is in que on the way to the all important World Rally championship . There was the promoter who has been coming for two years now and to add momentum the Hyundai World Rally Team architect was here. M-Sport a prominent WRC team sent it’s point man to scout on all facilities from accommodation to logistics and roads for a possible team appearance at the return of the wrc. What looked like a long shot just a couple of years ago is all the more looking like it may happen tomorrow. The Kenyan government has made a significant commitment to return of the safari rally r
[18:54, 9/1/2019] Dean Mac Sports Mtn: To the world stage with a cash contribution of US dollars 400.000 cash injection and more in kind providing a fleet of cars to the event. The Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta has made it his personal mandate that the Safari rally returns to the world championship since 2013.